UAmetry drone services focus on capturing high-quality data to be used in many different ways. We enjoy learning about you and your needs for us to deliver the most effective product for you. All UAmetry products incorporate photographs and or videos to tell the story. A story that may reveal your project's progress over time or capture your project site's current conditions in a photo map. Other deliverables will help you or your stakeholders visualize terrain changes in a 3D model or perform volume calculations of earthwork and stockpiles.


We capture overlapping photographs to post process into several different products. These products help with visualizing the captured area on a 2D photo map or a 3D model.

Progress Reports

Project progression reporting is another way to document your project and track its progress. We'll capture videos and photos from predetermined GPS points over a period of time. Then process the assets into products that reveals the change over time.


High-resolution aerial photos are taken from vantage points not possible with a handheld camera. We'll position the camera at the perfect spot to then capture the perfect photo.


We'll capture 4K video from perspectives and locations not possible with a handheld camera. Then compose clips into compelling videos to tell the story. 

Photogrammetry Examples

Interact with the 3D models below by following these instructions. Click or tap then Drag to Rotate model. Click/tap bottom center model for more instructions.

Coplay Cement Kilns

Saylor industrial museum

3D Model reconstruction
Overlapping Photos: 817

Plum Creek Project

Residential Development  (Existing  Conditions)

3D Model reconstruction
Overlapping Photos: 450
Area Covered: 36 acres

Drone Port

Warren County Community College

3D Model reconstruction
Overlapping Photos: 349
Area Covered: 9.55 acres


Autonomous photogrammetry flights capture overlapping photos that are post processed to reconstruct geometrically corrected images and models.


Volumes can be estimated by visually interacting with a virtual 3D model reconstructed from 2D photos.

Construction Progression

Construction progression reporting is ideal for displaying project changes over a period of time.

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    What Can We Do For You?

    We at UAmetry are passionate about using drones for aerial photography and aerial videography. The captured data is then used to help you save money on your projects. Perhaps you'd like for us to capture moments in a video or a photograph for marketing purposes.

    The magnificent thing about drones is their many use cases across multiple industries. More than ever, they're being used in the construction industry, making data collection more cost-effective and safe. From construction project startups through project completion, we assist in reducing data collection costs. We provide you with visual data that helps you make better decisions. Real estate is another industry we love to use drones for, capturing photos and videos to present the bigger picture and show location-location-location of listings. Farmers are also incorporating drones to aid them in managing their crops.

    At the very minimum, we will capture and process your photos and or video into finished products like the ones shown on our products page or provide you with the data to process in-house.

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