UA Data

There is an abundant amount of usable data found in a set of overlapping photos. Our goal is to work with you to understand your needs and requirements and deliver the most appropriate data set.
The following are products we create to help you make intelligent decisions.


Point Collection

This collection of points, or point cloud, describes the area of interest in three-dimensional space. Like spots on a leopard, these points wrap the area with each having x, y, z, and color values assigned to them.


Used to create a 3D model

Base model for doing measurements

Enables profile analysis


Photo Map

This photo is like a jigsaw puzzle of the mapped area. Also known as an orthophoto, this large picture is pieced together from all the images captured during flight.


One photo of the entire site

Geometrically corrected for accurate measurements

Great for project progression reporting


Measurements by simply clicking and placing points on the model.

Watch the video on the left to see a quick example.


Quick and easy way to do volume calcs

Estimate earthwork

Confirm subcontractor work

3D Model

Three-dimensional models facilitate easy and useful project visualization.

Watch a short virtual fly through to the right. 


Great for a virtual tour of the project

Used for doing as-builts

Helps stakeholders visualize progress


Relief Map

Digital Elevation Models are graphical representations of height information across the mapped area.


Used for flood and drainage modeling

Easy visual terrain relief assessment

Useful for landscape modeling