Four careers and more than 40 years of professional experience come together to form the foundation for UAmetry, LLC. Having started as a construction surveyor doing site mapping the old fashion way using a theodolite, I came to realize I needed more education. Therefore, to solidify my career, I returned to school for a Surveying Technology degree. This surveying degree became the catalyst for me to further my education even more with a Civil Engineering Bachelor of Technology degree. During my time at school, I applied a passion for computers and utilized them as tools to help automate and improve my workflows. I continued as an engineer until regulatory changes influenced my next career adjustment. The changes in Florida’s Growth Management Law burdened land developers and caused a loss of engineering work. This work reduction became a career waypoint from where I would navigate into my computer career. The new direction began a journey that would span thirty years of improving how users do their jobs. After more than 20 years of corporate America, I transition into my next career, Unmanned Aircraft Systems, UASs. I now utilize Unmanned Aircraft, UA, technology to help make project work more effective and efficient within an industry I started my career, bringing me full circle.

I'm amazed at the amount of information extracted from overlapping photos and how that information helps you be more efficient and effective on projects today.

~C.J. Cuccaro

Where am I going and
how am I getting there?

My mission is to help engineering and construction companies realize cost savings utilizing UA on their projects. To help

  • Engineers
  • Architects
  • Project Managers
  • Other Stakeholders

improve their workflows and visibility into a project. My goal is to partner with project stakeholders to lower project costs and increase productivity.

A high-tech UA intelligently snaps and collects photos that store centimeter-level location data of the picture. The embedded information is then used in post-processing to create highly accurate recreations of the covered area. These highly accurate representations are ideal as a base layer in project CAD files, project visualizations, and project measurements.

A picture is worth a
thousand calculations!

To be more precise, it is millions of calculations the Structure from Motion (SfM) software must perform to stitch together overlapping UA photos. But before getting to this point, we meet with clients to thoroughly understand project requirements. Then with a full understanding of the needs, a mission plan is prepared, which documents requirement understanding, a flight plan, FAA authorizations/waivers (if needed), vicinity map, flight area, insurance coverage, and other pertinent information. Upon plan sign-off, we execute the mission. The captured photos are then loaded into specialized software to generate

  • Point clouds
  • Meshes
  • Elevation models
  • 3D Models and
  • Geographically corrected photos

The files are then made available to the client through a secure web site. We spend time with the client to ensure there is a mutual understanding of each file.